Capacity development is one of the major pillars of CASCAPE. Our vision on capacity development is that this is an on-going process from the individual to institutional learning.


Capacity development is the process whereby people, organizations and society as a whole unleash, strengthen, create, adapt and maintain capacity over time.”( OECD, 2006).

For each type of learning different dimensions are needed. For the individual these are aimed at knowledge, skills and competences. At the other end of the spectrum these are aimed at governance, education, culture etc. See figure below for the various dimensions of capacity development in relation to the intended audience (Wigboldus et al, 2010).

Picture: Levels at which capacity exists (Wigboldus et al, 2010 (based on FAO, 2006))

As such capacity development is not a one-of training but a process of creating capacities for change. So some capacity development might be offered as skills training for farmers to be able to apply a new technique while other capacity development is embedded in CASCAPE’s approach of working with stakeholders.
In CASCAPE we base capacity development on a needs assessment of the target group, be it farmers, development agents, Ministry of Agriculture officials or the project staff. On the basis of the needs assessment an approach and the objectives are formulated for the training. The approach is based on:
•    a training of trainers (ToT):
•    participatory teaching;
•    adult education principles.
After execution of the training, the effect of the training  is monitored. When required, additional training is offered.
Apart from capacity development, which is part of the innovation themes, academic training is also part of CASCAPE. Each of the participating Universities provides research opportunities for MSc students to carry out projects that contribute to the objectives of CASCAPE.
Additionally 6 PhD students, one each from the participating universities, are pursuing their studies at Wageningen University.


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