Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) in the CASCAPE project is an internal and strategic instrument to guide CASCAPE towards being and becoming an effective and successful contribution to improved agricultural productivity in Ethiopia. 

In other words, it is about making M&E work for CASCAPE and not the other way around.

If we want to know whether CASCAPE is based on accurate assumptions about how change towards increased agricultural productivity happens, and if we want to know whether the project is on track towards achieving its overall objective, and if we want to know whether there is any need to adapt the course of action in anyway during implementation, we need a system of picking up signals (information) that inform us properly. In this way, we stay on top of what is happening and our management decision making will be informed appropriately. This makes M&E something that is relevant to all implementers and stakeholders.

The basis for the M&E framework are strategic questions such as:

  • How will we know that productivity level (crops and livestock) of program participating kebeles are improved?
  • How will we know that the validated best practices/innovations of crops, livestock, and natural resources are adopted by farmers?
  • How will we know CASCAPE is effectively improving linkages among stakeholders (farmers, universities, research institutes and policy makers)?