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On September 17-20, 2018 CASCAPE hosted agronomic data workshop to quench the agronomic data to the extent that maximum wisdom is obtained based on analysis made per cluster, to plan cluster based as well as a cross cluster scientific papers and agreed on the next courses of action in drafting papers for the national data workshop in October.  The workshop was held at Desta Hotel Mekelle, where 15 participants, including a senior soil scientist and researchersdirector of  CASCAPE manger and staff members from Nationam Management Programme unit (NMPU) and cluster offices (managers and research experts) attended the workshop.

 During the four- day workshop, agronomic data was presented from all the clusters, where participants discussed and evaluated the level of each data for publication. The workshop was instrumental in identifying eleven scientific papers that can be published, with an agreement to submit the first draft at the end of October 2018. 

(The link for the full report will be available soon)

By Selam Tamene