Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR) is accountable for all financial and technical aspects of the project. On behalf of WUR, ALTERRA, which is one of the knowledge institutes of WUR, coordinates the implementation of the project. Wageningen UR – Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) partners with ALTERRA in process and stakeholder management and implementation of CASCAPE.

The project is coordinated at national level by the National Coordination Unit consisting of 3 independent experts.

CASCAPE is implemented in 6 regional clusters. In each cluster, universities, (regional) research institutes (RARIs) and the Bureaux of Agriculture (BoA) are project partners.

The following six universities are involved in the CASCAPE project:

  • Jimma university for the Oromia-West region;
  • Haramaya university for the Oromia-East region;
  • Bahir Dar university for Amhara region;
  • Mekelle university for Tigray region;
  • Hawassa university for Southern region;
  • Addis Ababa university for Central Highlands.

In each regional clusters 5 woredas, predominantly AGP woredas, have been selected on which activities of the CASCAPE will be focused. These woredas represent the major agro-ecological zones.