Working papers

CASCAPE working paper series are meant to document activities and findings of field work. The working papers series are organized per topic. Each working paper has reference numbers. The first number of the report refers to the topic under which the working paper is placed.
The topics are:

  1. Roadmap for Soil Fertility: working papers related to supporting the governmental Roadmap for Soil Fertility.
  2. Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA): working papers per region on participatory problem identification. These working papers are the basis of the innovation theme selection.
  3. Baseline survey
  4. Innovation results
  5. MonQI results

The second number refers to the subgroup under which the working paper is placed:

1.1 Report fertility trial
1.2 Performance NSTC (National Soil Testing Centre)
1.3 QUEFTS parameterisation (no working paper yet)

For example: working paper 1.1 refers to the topicĀ  about the Roadmap for Soil Fertility (1), and subgroup report on fertility trail (1).

More topics may follow during the course of the project.

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